Assistant Professor of Law (Stage-II) 


Republic Vengthlang, Aizawl



Dr. Yumnam Premananda Singh is an Assistant Professor of Law at Govt. Mizoram Law College, where he teaches Human Rights & Practice, Administrative Law, Public International Law, Law of Crimes-I and Criminal Law-II (Cr.P.C.), specializing in International Law and Human Rights. Formerly, he had been practicing Lawyer at Guwahati High Court, Imphal Bench (Now Manipur High Court) Manipur and teaching in K.G.A. Law College, Shrirampur, Ahmednagar District at Maharashtra. Since then, he joined Govt. Mizoram Law College w.e.f. 23rd May, 2007.

Dr. Y.P. Singh recently completed his Ph.D in Law at the University of Manipur, with thesis titled “A Study on Implementation of International Humanitarian Law in Manipur”.

He has participated in a number of Committees in this Institution. He is a board member of Undergraduate Studies in Law, Mizoram University. He has been assigned as a Paper Setter, Re-evaluation of scripts, Evaluation and Scrutiny of Confidential Paper. He is the Advisor of UGC Advisory Board and Programme Officer of National Service Scheme (NSS)


Dr. Y.P. Singh has contributed 4 research papers in a reputed Law Journal, such as:

“The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958 : Legal and Human Rights Issues” Chotanagpur Law Journal, Ranchi (2010-11), 88-101

“Money Power in Election in India vis-à-vis Electoral Reforms to curb the menace – A case study in 2012 Election of U.P., Uttarakhand, Goa, Punjab, and Manipur” 4CNLJ-2012 pages, Ranchi, 252-264

“International Humanitarian Law: Is it sufficient for protection the environment during armed conflicts?” 6CNLJ-2013, Ranchi 200-209

"A Critical study on current state of International Climate Change Law vis-a-vis Climate Change Law of India" 10CNLJ-2016-17, 170-194

He has full 2 papers published in Conference/Seminar Proceedings, such as:

“The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act, 1958: More than mere Human Rights Issue” Seminar on socio-Economic Development and Governance in North East Region of India 2014, Department of Political Science, Mizoram University, 254-262

“Good Governance and Human Rights – A Case Study of Governance Reforms in India”, in Proceedings of International Seminar on Governance in India. Problem and Prospects (2015), Vol.I, Department of Public Administration, Mizoram University 226-234

Dr. Y.P. Singh has contributed on 10 chapters in edited knowledge based volumes, such as:

 “Development and Environment: North-East India Chapter”, in “Management of Natural Resources for Sustainable Development: Challenges and Opportunities, Sati, V.P.(ed). Excel, New Delhi, 152-166

“Jurisprudence of Wild Life conservation in India with special reference to Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972”, in “Issues and Trends of Wildlife conservation in Northeast India”, Lalnuntluanga, etc.(eds), Mizo Academy of Sciences Publication, Aizawl. 34-44 (2014)

 “Armed Conflicts Situations and Youth vis-à-vis Mitigation of Effects of Conflicts by Application of International Humanitarian Law”, in “Youth, Peace and Development: Conflict Resolutions” Volume-II, Rajmani, A,(ed) & Concept, New Delhi, 72-90 (2014)

“Armed conflicts Situations and Applicable International Humanitarian Law vis-à-vis fight against Racist Regimes in the Exercise of the Right of Self-determination: A case study of Manipur”, in “Engaging Failed State: Political, Social and Economic Issues of Contemporary Manipur”, Shyamkishor, A.(ed) Mitta, New Delhi, 183-205 (2014)

“Current State of Climate Change Law with special reference to India”, in “Climate change and Socio-Ecological Transformation, Sati, V.P.(ed) Today and Tomorrow’s Printers and Publishers”, New Delhi. 35-60 (2015)

 “Development and Environment: A Study on International Environmental Law with Special Reference to North-East India”, in “Development of North-East India: Multidimensional Perspective”, Volume-II; Vadhera, R.P. (ed), Manglam, New Delhi, 596-617 (2015)

“Development vs. Environment vis-à-vis Development and Environment- North-East India Chapter”, in “Development Perspectives in North-East India: Micro and Macro Studies”, Singha, R.K.P.G.(ed) Lakshi, New Delhi. 27-48 (2015)

Tourism Corporate Governance Teacher Education

"Legal Regime of Corporate Social Responsibility in India" in Singh, R.K. Giridhari (ed) (2016); Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility in India: Issues and Perspectives, Ruby Press & Co., New Delhi, 211-240

"Tourism vis-a-vis Exploitation of Children and Cild Sex Tourism in India: Legally speaking" in Sharma L.S.(ed) (2017); Branding North East India for Tourism Destination: Issues and Challenges, Ruby Press & co., New Delhi, 51-73

"Current State of Teacher Education Law of India" in Mishra, L.(ed) (2017); Teacher Education in India: Issues and concerns-Cambridge Scholars, New Castle, U.K., 25-42

Seminar/Workshop/Training Attended/Invited Lectures

Dr. Y.P. Singh has attended a number of training Sponsored by HRMC, University Grants Commission (UGC) organized by Mizoram University (MZU) and Manipur University.

Attended Training on “Regional Teacher Training Programme on International Humanitarian Law” New Delhi, organized by Department of Law, Gauhati University, UNHCH & ICRC, New Delhi.

Attended Training on “Orientation on National Service Scheme” organized by Orientation & Research Centre, Kolkata.

Dr. Y.P. Singh has presented more than 40 (forty) research papers on Seminars/ Conference/ Invited Lectures/Workshop on both National and International level.


He graduated B.Sc.(Hons) from Manipur University (1997), LL.B from Manipur University (2000), LL.M from Nagpur University (2003), UGC(NET) (1) Law (2) Human Rights and Duties, Ph.D awarded by Manipur University (2015).