The college offers human rights & practice as one of its paper in the 3rd Semester under paper-15. It basically helps the students understand the concept, meaning and evolution, the legal framework both at national and international level. It also covers rights of different sections and communities and the role played by different stakeholders. Case laws and precedents are important part of the course.



An important Clinical Paper which help students understand the real meaning of being a lawyer. Included under paper 13, it helps the student understands the meaning of being a professional and helps them awareof their duties towards the client, court, opponent, colleagues etc. It also covers different Acts and laws governing an officer of the court, Contempt of court, punishment for breach, role of Bar Council of India and the major judgments of Supreme Court concerning professional ethics.



An important paper offered in the 3rd Semester under paper-12. It focuses on the concept of environment, different pollutions and what are the penalties and laws in environmental pollution. The Constitutional provisions concerning environmental protection and the awareness of different legal provisions and acts. The present issues and concern on environment is embedded in the course.



It is an optional paper offered in the 6th semester. It covers the concept of gender justice through the Constitutional provisions and under different laws both at national and international level. It also touches gender justice under personal laws.



Personality development course is conducted and offered by the college. Under it Courses on Communication,Leadership, Stress Management, Conflict Management, Group dynamic and team building, Time management, Sexual and Reproductive health etc. are offered.