There shall be three years course of studies leading to the Bachelor Degree in Law (LL.B).The course shall consist of Six (6) Semesters with Thirty (30) papers consisting of -

  • Nineteen (19) compulsory papers;
  • Four (4) compulsory clinical papers;
  • Seven (7) optional papers, to be decided by the College


The minimum educational qualification for admission to the Three Year LLB course shall be a Bachelor Degree from any University recognized by the University Grants Commission.

Provided that a candidate seeking admission had obtained a minimum of 45% marks at the Graduation level in the case of General Category, 42% for OBCs and 40% marks for SC/ST Category. (Ref: BCI Rules of Legal Education, 2008)


No student shall be allowed to simultaneously register for a law degree programme with any other graduate or postgraduate or certificate course run by the Mizoram University or any other University or an Institute for academic or professional learning. (Ref: BCI Rules of Legal Education, 2008)


Not less than Five percent (5%) of seat is reserved for Persons with benchmark disability as defined in the Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016. The persons with benchmark disabilities shall be given an upper age relaxation of five years for admission in LL.B Course.


Admission to the course shall be done through Entrance Examination.


The Academic Calendar shall be in line of the Post Graduate calendar under Mizoram University, as amended from time to time.


Duration of Semester Examination;

  • Three (3) hours for Theory Papers;
  • Two (2) hours for Clinical Papers.


Distribution of Marks:

  • Theory Papers - 100 Marks (80 Marks (Semester Examination/External), 20 Marks (Internal))
  • Clinical I, II, III -100 Marks (60 Marks (Semester Examination/External), 40 Marks (Internal))
  • Clinical IV-100 Marks (Only Internal)


Distribution of Internal Assessment Marks:

  • Seminar / Group Discussion – 5 Marks
  • Project Report / Case Comment / Assignment – 5 Marks
  • Written Test – 10 Marks


Questions in the Semester Examination (External) shall be prepared in the following manner:

  • 50% of the questions will be knowledge based and 50% of the questions will be understanding/application and analytical based;
  • There shall be a total of Ten (10) questions from Five (5) Units (2 questions from each unit). Each question will carry Sixteen (16) Marks. A candidate shall have to write one (1) question from each unit.
  • In case of LLB 3.4, LLB 4.2 & LLB 5.2 (Clinical Course I, II & III), there shall be a total of ten (10) questions covering all units. Each question will carry ten (10) marks. A candidate shall have to attempt six (6) questions.


A student shall be required to attend a minimum of 70% of the class in the concern papers, including Moot Court, Tutorials and Practical Training. (Bar Council of India, Legal Education Rules, 2008)


  • A Student be allowed to continue admission till the 5th Semester consecutively.
  • A student who fails to secure 40% marks in an individual paper will get the chance to repeat the same once.
  • A candidate shall be considered to have availed a regular/repeat/improvement chance only on sitting in the concerned paper.


Each student shall have to complete a minimum of Twelve (12) weeks Internship during the entire period of studies under NGO, Trial and Appellate Advocates, Judiciary, Legal Regulatory Authorities, Legislature and Parliament, other Legal Functionaries, Market Institution, Law Firms, Companies, Local Self Government and other such bodies as decided by the Internship Supervisory Committee of the College.

Each student shall maintain an Internship Diary in such form as may be stipulated by the Internship Supervisory Committee concerned and the same shall be evaluated by the Guide in the internship and also a core faculty member of the staff each time. The total mark shall be assessed in the Final Semester of the courses in the 4th Clinical Course (Moot Court exercise and Internship).

Provided that internship in any year cannot be for a continuous period of more than four weeks and all the students shall at least gone through once in the entire academic period with Trial and Appellate Advocates and shall have formal dress of legal profession in pupilage. (Ref. BCI, Rules of Legal Education 2008, Schedule III Rule 25)

The twelve (12) weeks internship is divided as follows:

1st semester LLB – Two (2)weeks

2nd semester LLB – Two (2)weeks

3rd semester LLB – Two (2)weeks

4th semester LLB – Two (2)weeks

5th semester LLB – Two (2)weeks

6th semester LLB – Two (2)weeks


To clear a paper a candidate has to secure not less than 40% Marks, both in the External Examination and Internal Assessment in the individual papers.

However, a student should secure a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate (i.e. 1500 Marks out of 3000 Marks) at the end of six semesters in order to get the LLB Degree.


LL.B Results:

Successful candidates shall be awarded the Degree under the following classifications:

  • Distinction : 75% Marks and above in aggregate of the Six Semesters;
  • First Division: Below 75% Marks and upto 60 % in aggregate of the Six Semesters;
  • Second Division: Below 60% Marks and upto 50 % in aggregate of the Six Semesters.


A candidate will have a chance to improve a paper in which he/she has secured less than 60% marks, but more than 40% marks in theory papers.


A student shall be required to pass all the six semesters within a span of Five (5) years from the date of taking admission to the 1st Semester.


A candidate may be given Grace Marks for the award of Bachelor Degree in Law as per Mizoram University ordinance.


Each semester course shall consist of Five (5) units except the Clinical Papers and a minimum of Ten (10) classes per unit be taken by the teacher to cover the syllabus.