The College have got a well equipped Language Laboratory sponsored by Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhyan (RUSA) which enables the students to have good interactive session with other languages. Most of the students of Government Mizoram Law College are not from affluent families and their studies were restricted within Mizoram only. Therefore their grasp on other  languages other than the Mizo language are also very limited. So, Language Laboratory provides good opportunity for them to improve themselves. It was found that from the initial stage of its commencement, it has a very positive response from the students.

            Classes for Language Laboratory were held during the months of March 2017- March 2018. Classes were held 2 days a week i.e every Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM every month. Each batch were admitted for a duration of one month. It has to be reported unfortunately that only 10 students can be admitted in one course for reason that only 10 computers are available for each individual student.  Also, due to financial restraint, software for many languages cannot be purchased.  At the moment, only two languages are made available to the students namely, English and Hindi language.

A Co-ordinator is appointed from amongst the  teaching faculty who undergoes training organised by RUSA itself in order to familiarise herself with the equipment. She is responsible for admitting the students for the course and monitoring and evaluating the students.

            The syllabus for the course were concentrated on:

            1. Grammar

            2. Vocabulary

            3. Active listening and

            4. Introduction to phonetics

            The last class of every month was reserved for evaluating students of each batch of his progression. In most cases, it was observed that students have improved themselves even though the result was not a hundred percent. It is hoped that Language Laboratory will, in future serve as an important tool to build confidence and producing good quality law students.