During this Academic Year the Institution try to implement the following plan:

  • Construction of Library-cum-Cafeteria, New Building (Under RUSA Grant), the contruction work is trying to implement in this coming July, 2017.
  • Construction of Meeting Hall - Vertical Extension (under RUSA Grant), the construction work is expected to implement April, 2017.

RUSA allocated 10,41,666 for First Installment of Equity Initiative:

  • Language Laboratory - was established and software was purchased form Sonako and installation was already done, it should be utilized efficiently.
  • Under this scheme the following programme were organised:
i) Remedial Classes
ii) Equity and Gender Sensitization Campaigns
iii) Seminar and Workshop on Legal Aid
iv) Placement and Career Guidelines and Counseling
v) Seminar on Personality Development, Communication Skills, Skill Development in advocacy.
100% of the grant shall be utilized and try to implement all the annual plan during the academic year i.e. 2016-2017.