Govt. Mizoram Law College constituted Parents Teacher Committee for the smooth functioning of the college and the welfare of the students. The Office Bearers and members of the committee are mentioned below :-


Sl.No Post held Name & Designation Address Contact No.
1. Chairman Lalhmachhuana Durtlang 9862842899
2. Vice Chairman Carolyn Rinthanpuii Fanai Vaivakawn 8416047133
3. Secretary Vanlalhruaii, Asst. Professor, GMLC Electric Veng 9402113092
4. Asst. Secretary T. Ramzauva Hunthar Veng 9862322688
5. Treasurer Lalhmachhuani Zonuam 9612809688
6. Fin. Secretary Ramluimawii Mission Veng 9862770980



Sl.No Name & Designation Address Contact No.
1. Lalnghakliana Ramhlun Vengthar 8413029742
2. Lalhmunsiama Chawnpui 7005188609
3. Dr. Y.P. Singh, Asst. Professor, GMLC Republic Vengthlang 9862437561/9612117664
4. Esther L. Chhangte, Asst. Professor, GMLC Model Veng 9436360160
5. Dr. Maria Lalrinmawii, Part-time Lecturer, GMLC Durtlang 8257040390



Sl.No Name & Designation Address Contact No.
1. Dr. Rualkhuma Colney, Principal, GMLC Republic Vengthlang 9436155841/9612117664
2. Rebecca Lalrindiki, Asst. Professor, GMLC Tuivamit 9862922055