For the maintenance of good academic atmosphere, suitable for promoting proper legal education and legal luminaries, the following rules of conduct are made binding on the students from the day of admission in the college. Any student found violating any of the rules is liable to punishment according to the Disciplinary Committee deems fit and proper.

1.      Students must be punctual. 70% Attendance is compulsory as per Bar Council of India Rules.

2.     No student(s), either in group or individual should organise Strike/ Dharna  in any manner against the college’s authority. Any grievance against the College’s authority or any member of the faculty/staff be addressed to the Principal.

3.      Students should wear College T-Shirt on every Wednesday. Failure to do so may amount to fine of Rs.50/- (Rupees fifty) only.

4.      Students should have a proper and decent dress code.

5.      The students in the Final Year (5th & 6th Semester) should maintain Dress Code every Friday.

6.      Smoking inside the college’s premises is a Punishable Offence.

7.      Ragging, in any form, in and around the college’s campus is Strictly Prohibited.

8.      An offence against Drugs and Alcohol inside the college’s premises may amount to punishment by fine or expulsion from the college or both, without prior warning.

9.      No student shall take part in any Anti-National and Partisan Activities.

10.  Vandalism and Violent Conduct in the College’s Campus will be considered as Criminal Activity deserving Police intervention.

11.   Proper Sanitation must be observed at all levels, in and around the college.

12.   College Properties must be handled with care.

13.   The students should maintain Good Behaviour and show respect towards the Principal, faculty members and staff.

14.   A student is expected to take care of his / her belongings, bag, documents, etc.

15.   Students should actively participate in all the college’s curriculum and academic activities within and outside the Class Rooms.

16.  The Final Year student(s) shall automatically be enrolled as Para Legal Volunteer (PLV) and he/she shall have to be on duty in the College’s Legal Aids Clinic once a week under the guidance of the Co-ordinator.