1.       There shall be three year course of studies leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Law (LL.B). The Course shall consist of Six Semesters with 38 papers, including Optional papers, out of which a student will have to offer 28 papers wherein 4 compulsory clinical papers are included.

2.       The minimum educational qualification for admission to the course shall be a Bachelor degree from any University recognized by the UGC:

Provided that a candidate seeking admission has obtained a minimum of 45% marks at graduation in the case of general category and 40% marks in the case of SC/ST (Ref: Bar Council of India Rule, Part IV Rule 7)

3.       Three percent (3%) of seats is reserved for Persons with disabilities as defined in the PWD Act, 1995.

4.       Candidates seeking admission to the course shall not exceed 30 years of age in case of general category and 35 years in the case of SC/ST/OBCs. (Ref: Bar Council of India Rule, Part IV Rule 28).

5.       Admission to the course shall be done through an Entrance Test.

6.       The Academic calendar shall be as per the Post Graduation courses under Mizoram University (MZU).

7.       Duration of Examination:

(a)    Three (3) hours for Theory papers.

(b)   Two (2) hours for Clinical papers I & II

8.       Distribution marks:

(a)    Theory Papers                                                                   100 marks each.

(b)   Clinical Paper I & II

(i)      Semester examination                                          60 marks

(ii)    Internal clinical works                                             40 marks

(c)    Clinical Paper III & IV                                                       100 marks each (Based only on internal clinical works).

9.       In order to pass/Clear a Semester, a student shall be required to obtain:

(a)    40% marks in each theory and clinical paper separately.

(b)   45% marks in aggregate.

Provided that in Clinical Paper I and II, a candidate shall be required to obtain 40% marks in both the semester examination and internal clinical works independently.

10.   LL.B Results:

Successful Candidates shall be awarded the Degree under the following classifications:

(a)    Distinction:

75% marks and above in aggregate of the six Semesters.

(b)   First Division:

Below 75% marks and upto 60% marks in aggregate of the Six Semesters.

(c)    Second Division:

Below 60% marks and upto 45% marks in aggregate of the Six Semesters.

11.   No improvement facility shall be given to those who cleared the semester examination. However, a candidate who secures 40% and above, but less than 45% of marks in aggregate in the Semester examination shall be allowed to repeat twice in not more than 3 (Three) papers of his/her choice, to clear the Semester.

12.   To clear the failed paper(s), the candidates shall be allowed to repeat the failed paper(s) twice.

13.   A student shall be allowed to pass/clear all the six semesters within a span of five (5) years from the date of taking admission to the first Semester.

14.   A student shall be required to attend a minimum of 70% of the classes in the concerned paper(s), including moot court exercises, tutorials and practical training. (Ref: Bar Council of India Rule, Part IV Rule 12).

15.   Each student shall have to complete a minimum of 12 weeks internship and shall have formal dress of legal profession in pupilage.

16.   No student shall be allowed to take admission to the 5th Semester without having cleared a minimum of 7 (Seven) papers from the First to Third Semesters.