Pro Bono Club (PB club) Scheme is an initiatives of Ministry of Law and Justice. It has been conceptualized to strengthen the existing pro bono programme, by integrating law schools and students within its fold. The primary objective of this scheme is to improve the efficiency and quality of pro bono legal services by providing assistance to pro bono advocates through competent law students. Govt. Mizoram Law College is one of the law institution selected by the Ministry to run Pro Bono Club and selected law students (known as ‘Pro Bono Associates’ or PBA) are part of Pro Bono clubs attached to the college and helmed by faculty incharge Mrs. Hmingthanpuii Ralte, Assistant Professor.

Tentative programme 2022-2023

1. Pro Bono Litigation Assistance

2. Community Care Legal Assistance

3. Research, Documentation and Reporting

4. Promote Alternative Dispute Resolution Mechanism

Inauguration of Pro Bono Club, GMLC

Report 14.04.2023