Govt. Mizoram Law College is fortunate to have a well established women’s hostel located just adjacent to the college building. The women’s hostel was established in the year 2010 but became functioned in the year 2016.

The hotel has a capacity to accommodate 21 residents in the new building and 16 residents in the old building. The new building is constructed under RUSA fund and provides a spacious and airy single seat for 19 residents and 2 rooms as double seats.

The hostel is provided with basic facilities such as bed with mattress, table, chair, fridge, Kent Ro Water Purifier, etc.

The hostel was officially inaugurated on 1st September, 2016 with 6 boarders on the old building. Women students who are coming from outside Aizawl City are given priority for admission. For the current season 2018-2019, 11 students have boarded the hostel all from outside Aizawl City.

The over all management of the hostel is taken care by the Women’s Hostel Management Committee. It has a final authority to determine and decide all the matters. The Composition of the Committee are:

1)   Prof. Rualkhuma Colney, Principal               -        Chairman

2)   Ms. Rebecca Lalrindiki, Asst. Professor       -        Secretary

3)   Ms. Vanlalhruaii, Asst. Professor                -        Member

4)   Mrs. Hmingthanpuii Ralte, Asst. Professor -        Member

5)   Head Assistant                                               -        Member

6)   Mrs. Rita Darlianchami, UDC                     -        Member

7)   Two boarders representative                       -        Member

(to be elected by boarders)