1. Legal Outreach and Legal literacy survey.

Objectives: To reach out people who resides at remote places and impart legal knowledge and awareness among them.

Context: The aim of the outreach is to reach out the people who need legal assistance at their doorsteps and at the same time have a door to door survey on the legal awareness of people at particular villages.

Practice: Legal outreach and legal literacy survey is done every year by the college to different districts and villages. Questionnaires are prepared for different law topics and survey is carried out by students door to door.

Evidence of Success: It is really helpful for imparting legal knowledge

Problems: Geographical barriers and minimum legal knowledge of the people.

2. Mentoring of students.

Objectives: To guide and assist students in their academic and personal problems and identify their needs.

Context: Faculty mentors play a crucial role in mentoring students by providing professional and personal advice to the students. They further give constructive feedback on writing, teaching and other elements of career design.

Practice: Each faculty member is the mentor of a group of 12 to 15 students allocated to him/ her and collects personal information and provides the needed counseling. This is done informally outside class hours. A documented record of the mentoring process is maintained.

Evidence of Success: This greatly helps students to open up and share their academic and personal problems.

3. Study Tour for Final Year students

The practice of study tour has been done since 2009-2010 academic session and serves a great benefit for the students. All the students for final year are offered for this opportunity. Tour programme is arranged by the study tour committee every year and the principal is the Chairman of the committee. In every tour, leader is appointed from the students who are incharge of making proper arrangement for the whole tour period.