• Carrying out Legal Outreach and legal literacy survey on different districts of Mizoram by the students and teachers: One of the best practice of the institution is moving out from the college campus i.e in the real world and imparting legal awareness on different relevant law topics to school students and teachers on different Districts of Mizoram. Here the programme is carried out in three phases i.e. 1) setting up of legal aid clinic by selected students and part time teachers (who are practicing lawyers) in one place, 2) majority of the students are divided in groups who carried out legal literacy survey through questionnaires  prepared by the college to the locality and 3) awareness/consultation programme is carried out by resource persons to the students and teachers of the locality. During the year four legal outreach and literacy survey is carried out in the following places:

1) Sialsuk, Aizawl District

2) Chhawrtui, Champhai District

3) Lengpui, Aizawl District

4) Vairengte, Kolasib District

  • Study Tour for Final Year students

The practice of study tour has been done since 2009-2010 academic session and serves a great benefit for the students. All the students for final year are offered for this opportunity. Tour programme is arranged by the study tour committee every year and the principal is the Chairman of the committee. In every tour, leader is appointed from the students who are incharge of making proper arrangement for the whole tour period.